Pre-hire assessments redefined

We help fast-growing companies find the best talent for any position by measuring the candidate’s soft skills and cultural fit – through interactive simulations.

Predictive analytics

Integrated Tools
Fast and efficient

Technology meets Psychology

We save businesses time and money by helping them find the right talent for the right roles in a quick, efficient and fun way.

An Immersive And Engaging Psychometric Tool.

Bringing together sophisticated illustration with real-life decision-making scenarios, players engage in a unique and immersive experience where every interaction helps to shape a psychologically-validated and comprehensive soft skills profile.


Accurate Results Facilitate Effective Recruiting.

Detailed profile reports provide hiring managers with invaluable insight into candidates’ soft skills, including leadership, team work and time management skills, which may not otherwise surface using traditional recruiting methods.

Monitoring And Managing Capabilities.

Our easy-to-use web platform allows hiring managers to track, manage and evaluate prospective candidates.


The Science

Our assessments are based on relevant and validated I/O Psychology.

Based on one of the major principles in I/O Psychology known as the Five Factor Model.

Data points
We assess 13 core behavioral competencies + values for the best culture fit.

Our assessments have gone through rigorous validation studies to prove their accuracy.

Tech-driven candidate screening

We save businesses time and money by helping them find the right talent for the right roles in a way that’s quick, efficient and fun.

Built to deliver the fastest response times and better results at scale.

We use modern encryption methods to both transfer and store information.

Clear and Comprehensive Performance analytics.

Why us?

We make finding your next top performers fast, efficient and fun for all parties involved.

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    We combine cutting-edge technology with the latest research in behavioral psychology to create an alternative recruitment methods.

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    We work with top psychologists to design simulations based on the most current research.

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    Modular tests allow businesses to complement traditional assessment methods by enriching the candidate's profiles.

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    We reduce the risk of making bad hires by providing managers with valuable insight into prospective candidates’ character and apptitude.

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    We generate authentic character profiles by creating fully immersive, fun, and engaging experiences.

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    We provide a quick and highly-efficient alternative to lengthy and costly traditional pre-hire processes and methods.

Up your hiring game

Our platform has everything your company needs to hire your next top performers.
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